No I’m not a hard guy. Leaving Abuja was hard.

Leaving Abuja yesterday was hard. If you’ve read Sharon Whyte’s medium post, you’ll know why. I’ve always known that I’m not a hard guy and yesterday was proof. After spending all the time I could possibly spend with my best guy, I now had to leave. I was sad sha I can’t even lie.

If I could cry I would have cried. 😢

The day before yesterday, after church my mood was just down because I knew the time was nigh. Talking about church, SLC people have won my heart. If you’re ever in Abuja and you’re looking for a church to attend on Sunday, I recommend Supernatural Life Church. You can find them on Twitter and Instagram as @slchurchng, and also on Facebook as Supernatural Life Church (for those who want to stream). I came to the church to meet my lady’s family and today they’ve become mine. It’s no longer just her church, her people or her pastors, they’ve become mine too. I could feel the love from the first day I stepped in, I was the “Focus of Sharon” they’d heard about. That’s how Pastor Funmi saved my number on her phone😅. I love it!

Meeting Pastor Philip was just amazing. He’s so intentional about revealing God’s nature to people both as a congregation and as individuals and you can just feel genuine love flowing towards you whenever you come in contact with him. His knowledge of the word is evident in the way he lives and you can clearly see from his teachings that he loves God and desires to make Him known to as many people as he can.

Each time I went to church, it felt like home. Not because I went with Sharon, lol (she’d usually just disappear sef because she had one assignment she needed to do or prepare for). It was because of the energy of the people. The love they had one for another was contagious. On Tuesday night after service, Yemi was asking Sharon what time I was leaving so he’d drop me at the park. In my mind all I could say was “which kind love be this?”. I really enjoyed every single second I spent there. I once said “SLC people love me and the feeling is mutual”. They are my church in Abuja. Shout out to Pastor Philip and Pastor Funmi for teaching God’s word as it is and for yielding, being examples of how people led by the Holy Spirit should be.

You can tell I love these people, they’ve won me over. I want to say especially this person and that person and that person and this but I no go mention names. They know themselves. If you’re thinking you’re the one, then it’s you.

On to the next!

The Feast.

I just want to say Daniel Bentley is my brother. Lemme just put it out there.

The experience at The Feast was amazing. I can remember the first time I attended The Feast was while I was in Kd. I streamed, I could feel the effect from all the way over here. The way Daniel broke down the scriptures in context was what drew me to him, because das like my kind of thing. Right then, I said I’d love to attend the next one. I almost missed it sha because I was supposed to cover an event in Gombe but the Lord came through 😁. Sharon told me that when I registered, he was so excited that I was that I was coming and on the day of the event he kept disturbing her till I came. When we met I just knew this one is my person. I dunno how to explain it but I just knew.

I look forward to attending again. You should too. It’s every first Saturday of the month. Follow @danielxbentley on IG and Twitter for more info.

Special shout out to My Enerjiti (the one we love to stress and my senior colleague @thekingraphy on IG) and Beebii (Beebii is such a sweetheart and she makes awesome cakes and she can do plenty plenty tins. Check her out @beebii_confectionery on IG) and Our Bunny (each time I see her she tries to kill me with food).

Shout out to my family in Abuja. My sister and big bro and their kids. My family members are sha the best. If you’ve met any of them you’ll know. Plus my sister dey cook. Ask around you go know. Coman patronize her oo before the price goes up. Hit me up if you’re interested.

Lastly, Sharon Whyte. My best guy. Abba’s child. My Love.

You have mail.

Thanks for reading.

Love and Light.

Focus Kore.



Rapper, Photographer, God's beloved child.

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